How Counselling Can Help

Counselling offers the opportunity to work towards gaining understanding, finding acceptance or making the change you seek. Sometimes we are unsure about why we feel as we do and would like to discover why that is. Counselling is a valuable way of achieving this.

For some of us, the process of being able to speak and be heard in the security of a therapeutic relationship works well. For others, expressing ourselves creatively is more effective, or a little of both may be what's needed. It's important that you receive the flexibility of approach you need in order to be open and comfortable to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings.

What to Expect

Sessions would typically focus on the issues that you bring, which you will be able to explore freely, without the pressures and impositions of daily life.

You can expect to experience:

  • how a non-judgemental and safe relationship feels
  • being who you really are without having to satisfy others' needs
  • knowing what it's like to share your thoughts and feelings with someone who will accept you and your experience

Counselling will help you to understand yourself much better and offer you the opportunity to break unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

As a guide, issues that benefit from counselling (but are not limited to) are:






Body Image

Eating Disorders


Fertility Issues

Parenting Issues

Specialising In Eating Disorder Recovery
and Disordered Eating

Specialising In
Bereavement and Loss

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